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The Signs of Success Podcast

Signs of Success is a business podcast focused on winning strategies for the Sign and Print Industry. Topics and Interviews focus on insights that can also be applied to most businesses from start up to maturity.

Guests include Pro's from all aspects of business strategy including: Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Operations, Technology, PR and more. We want to bring you valuable insight to help build your business and keep you on the road to success!

Hosted by:                                      

Bret Mileski
Founder of several multi million dollar businesses with vast experience in Marketing and Outdoor Advertising.
Bret is currently the CEO and Patent Holder for Ackland Media Frames
Jeff Fox
Co-Founder of multiple businesses in the sign industry with experience in Digital Marketing and Advertising Strategy.
Jeff is currently the Managing Partner of 
 Undeniable Advertising 
Featured Clips
Getting A Deposit Is Not A Trust IssueEpisode 6
Re-targeting ExplainedEpisode 4
$200/mo. Facebook StrategyEpisode 4
Failing ForwardEpisode 4
Cord Wood Approch To BusinessEpisode 2
Raising Start-Up Captial $250 at a timeEpisode 2
The Billboard OpportunityEpisode 1

Full Episodes

Episode 7: Essential Business

On Episode 7: We are back after a Corona Virus hiatus! In this episode Bret and Jeff discuss what's essential to your business as opposed to what the government deems essential. How we must re-examine everything and what we can do to succeed moving forward.

Episode 6: Should You Get Deposits For Jobs?

On Episode 6: Bret and Jeff talk about the all important topic of getting deposits. No matter the type of business you run, cash flow and receivables are critical to your success. The topic of collecting deposits can have a major impact on your cash flow, especial when jobs involve installation or expensive inventory. Listen as these two discuss the benefits of collecting deposit, strategies to make those collections easier and the adverse effect carrying costs can have on your bottom line.

Episode 5: What If People Could RENT What Your Trying To SELL?

On Episode 5: Bret and Jeff are back at the microphones discussing a very interesting topic: How would renting out your product line vs. selling it, effect your business? They talk about a number a major companies who have exploded using the rental model, the potential monthly income verses one time sales, the benefit of payments spread over time verses lump sum and much more.

You can watch this short video clip of Bret talking about his prior business success using the rental model that benefited both his clients and his company!

* Please forgive us for the audio quality on this episode. We had a catastrophic software failure and could only recover the audio from our video recorder. 

Episode 4: Target Marketing in a Digital World.

On Episode 4: We are joined by CEO of JM Target Marketing and Digital Marketing expert Joel Miller. Joel has been at this internet marketing game since 2006 and gives us some great insights into modern digital strategy. We discuss important topics like social media advertising, re-targeting, the importance of landing pages and keeping your website current. Learn how any business can and should be taking advantage of Facebook Ads for as little as $200 per month and what to watch out for when hiring a digital marketing agency.

This informative conversation will equip you and hopefully inspire you to look at marketing in a whole new light.
If you have questions for Joel or would like to inquire about his services, visit:

Episode 3: What We Learned from a Crash and Burn!

Listen as Bret recounts the rise and fall of his multi-million dollar company 1-800-GREAT AD. As an underfunded start-up, this small advertising business quickly grew to 5 million in annual revenue.  As a result of client acquisitions rapid expansion, 1-800-GREAT AD found itself relying on a small group of major accounts for the majority of its revenue. Suddenly, the company's sales dropped by nearly 90% in a single month. Learn how critical decisions made in the aftermath led to the company's eventual demise. We also talk about important lessons learned and how a new company was created out of the ashes. Enjoy and never give up!

Episode 2: Find the Business, Do the Business and Get Paid!

On location for Episode 2 at Brew Rebellion in Banning, CA to interview Serial Entrepreneur, Author and Reality Show Star, Ed Parker.
This fun and informative interview taps into Ed's vast business experience and expertise to cover:

-3 Essential Pinciples of any Successful Business (3 Legged Stool)
-The Biggest Challenges Facing Entrepreneurs
-How Ed Measures Success
-Innovative Approach to Raising Capital and much more......

As a friend and mentor of Bret's for over 20 years, you will surely benefit from Ed's wisdom and colorful approach! 

Check out Ed's show "Barely Beer Barrons" on Amazon Prime

For great Craft Beer check out Brew Rebellion's FB page

Episode 1: Take Advantage of the Opportunities

Meet your hosts Bret Mileski CEO of Ackland Media Frames and 
Jeff Fox Co-Founder of Undeniable Advertising.

On the very first episode we talk about our backgrounds and what type of content the SOS Podcast will bring including: Tips and Advise from the pro's of the sign and print industry.

We also talk about general business building strategies including Bret's Balloon startup story. (Click here to watch the video

We discuss the incredible opportunity of creating a Billboard empire using existing structures (buildings, walls and trucks). Checkout Ackland Media Frames's Free e-book

"How to Create Wallscape Billboards for long term revenue".

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