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Are Your Truck Graphics Reaching Their Full Potential?

If your fleet is branded with fleet graphics of any sort, then you are on the right track. A company with a fleet of trucks can make an impression on tens of thousands of consumers per day. Missing out on that opportunity is like throwing money right out the window.

Once you realize the marketing potential of your fleet, it's time to think about the most effective way to maximize it. I've talked in the past about 2 ways to look at fleet graphics: Business Cards or Billboards. You have to look at your truck graphics and ask yourself; what kind of impression are they leaving. Are they attracting attention? Is your message memorable? Is the message up to date?

If you think of your fleet as business cards, then the content of your message won't matter much. Assuming your basic business information doesn't change, your potential customers will always see the same message. Or will they? Is a business card really memorable? Does it attract attention? Odds are, the answer to all of those questions is no.

However, if you think of your fleet as rolling billboards, then there are certain elements you will need in order to maximize their effectiveness.

The following are 3 simple rules to follow that will increase your Fleet's chances of success:

1. Keep It Simple

The #1 rule of billboard (and fleet graphic) design is Keep It Simple. You have to keep in mind that people will have an average of 5 seconds to see your truck's message. You must resist the urge to tell your whole story with one graphic. Narrow your message down to one simple idea that people will comprehend and recall. This one rule alone will increase your fleets effectiveness enormously.

2. Make It Stand Out

What grabs peoples attention while driving? Well there are 3 basic elements that help attract someones eyes quickly. First is Contrast. You must use contrasting colors in your design to make your message stand out. Second is Images. Using hi-rez images in your design will make your message infinitely more compelling. Third is Font. Using simple but attractive font in your copy will help people recognize and understand your message quickly.

3. Keep it Fresh

What's the point of having a billboard with a message that's 5 years old. Consumers won't react as well to the same to message they have seen over and over again for years. Part of what attracts peoples attention while driving is seeing something new. Think about that for a minute, have you ever strained to see a roadside billboard that you've driven by hundreds of times? No, its that new billboard that grabbed your attention and made you do a double take.

I know keeping your fleet graphics fresh can be a challenge considering the expense involved with changing traditional fleet wraps. Understandably, many companies end up sticking with the same message for 5 years or more for budgetary reasons. Fortunately today there are frame and banner solutions that make graphic changes easy and incredibly affordable. Utilizing a Frame and Banner system can help you apply all of these rules and give your fleet the best chance for success.

96% of targeted audience noticed truckside advertising according to a study conducted by the American Trucking Association.

Wow, what a statistic. Potential customers will notice truck graphics, but you must first get their attention. Once you have their attention, they need to comprehend your message quickly. Finally, you need to keep their attention to make a lasting impact. Applying the 3 rules mentioned above, will give your fleet the best chance of reaching it's full potential.

For more help crafting fleet advertising, you can download our Free E-book:

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