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Turn Banners Into Billboards

Banner advertising can be a very cost effective way to promote your business, product or event. Recent changes in the industry, have significantly lowered the cost of Large Scale Graphic Printing. As a result, we see banner advertisements being attached to buildings everywhere using screws, string, pvc pipes, and zip ties.

Looking at the sea of Banners, hanging on virtually every business, I can't help but question their effectiveness. If these graphic displays are intended to be a visual representation of a business or product, than we need to evaluate their appeal to potential customers.

Design vs. Display

Designing a dynamic banner ad for your business can increase customer awareness and improve sales. However, if that banner is not displayed correctly, it's effectiveness can be quickly undermined.

Studies have shown that a well designed banner, that is poorly displayed, can reflect negatively on your business. Having poorly hung, dirty or faded banners, can produce the exact opposite of their intended goal. To ensure your marketing message is reaching its full potential, you must pay attention to the attachment process by which your banner is being displayed.

In order to make the most effective use of advertising banners, we need to stop hanging, screwing and zip tying banners, and start creating eye catching "billboard" displays.

Better Than Banners

There are several ways to turn your banner into a graphic "wallscape" that will give you that billboard look. Generally, this involves a Graphic Display System, that tensions your vinyl banner to produce that smooth appealing effect. When deciding which Graphic Display System to use, there are several factors to consider:

1. Cost - Graphic Display Systems can run the spectrum on price. Consider your goals and budget with each project, to determine what will work best for you.

2. Complexity - Some Systems are very complex and have several working parts to create the desired tension. The rule of thumb here is, the simpler the better. If you will be using this system again for future campaigns, you will want it to be easy and efficient.

3. Changeability - Once you have made your banner into a billboard, you are going to want to run new campaigns often. You want to choose a Graphic Display System that will allow for simple and fast graphic changes.

Turning Banners in to Billboards will dramatically increase awareness of your advertisement, drive more customer traffic, and increase sales. Making the change is easy, if consider the Cost, Complexity and Changeablity of your next Graphic Display System.

For information on Undeniable Advertising's Easy, Changeable and Affordable Display System, Check out our new product the EZ-Change Graphic Display System

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