5 Quick Tips To Design A Better Vinyl Banner

September 19, 2013

While driving around town recently, I could not help but notice a new trend in advertising. Everywhere I look, I see Vinyl Banners hanging from building after building. Some of those banners look sharp and attractive, while others appear cluttered and confusing.  As more small businesses utilize banners to attract customers, some simple design tips may help them turn more heads. 


5 Tips To Designing Better Banners 

The following simple tips, can help you create more effective business banner ads.


1. Add Graphics


Adding a graphic image to your banner, goes a long way in attracting attention. By breaking up your marketing message with a graphic, you are creating a more visually interesting banner than one with only text. Keep in mind, that your graphics must be consistent with your overall design, and be careful not to over crowd the space with too many images. 


2. Basic Fonts


Keeping your fonts basic and consistent, is important to designing a quality banner. Sticking with 1 or 2 fonts like Ariel, or Times New Roman, will greatly increase the clearity of your message. Using multiple fonts on one banner, runs the risk of confusing your target audience and losing their attention. Be sure to keep fonts bold, and pay attention to letter spacing, so words can be read clearly at a distance.


3. Clear Message


Keep you marketing message easy to understand. Clearly explain your offer, and how your customers can take advantage of it. Provide contact information so your target audience knows how to reach you. Try to avoid over loading your message with to much information.


4. Use Color


The use of color can create great contrast, and make your message easier to understand. Utilizing dark backgrounds and light text, or vice versa, allows for greater readability and image clarity. It is important to keep colors consistent with your brand and overall design. Try to limit your design to 2 colors, for best results.


5. Space


One of the most overlooked design elements in banner advertising, is the proper use of space. White space used around your message, can provide focus and depth to your design. It is important to view white space, as it's own design element. Using white space correctly, will greatly add to the clarity and attractiveness of your marketing message.



Try applying these basic tips to your next banner design, and you will be on your way to attracting more customers and increasing sales.



For great resources on Banner Advertising and more, visit our website: www.undeniablead.com


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Posted by: Jeffery Fox

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