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5 Reasons To Ditch Those Old Truck Wraps

I recently read that The American Trucking Association conducted a study showing, 98% of in-car audiences will notice truck-side advertising. This means brand exposure, on this nations highways and byways, can be advertising gold. Why then, I wondered, do we see so many "Naked Trucks" traversing our interstates?

For decades now, the only way to display full color graphics on the side of a truck has been with adhesive decals. The numerous drawbacks these decals present, have left millions of trucks roaming our highways with no discernible identity. That adds up to millions of branding opportunities lost and marketing dollars squandered. Fortunately, today there are alternatives to that old sticky truck wrap. Below I've listed 5 reasons to ditch those old graphics for a more modern graphic display system. 1. LOOKS If your truck or fleet has gouges, dings, dents or damage of any kind, applying a vinyl adhesive wrap will not correct the problem. Adhesive vinyl sticks directly to the surface of your truck and follows the contour of that surface to reveal all blemishes. 2. HARD TO REMOVE Most vinyl truck graphics are very, very hard to remove. If you need to change the look of your truck or marketing message, you will have a very difficult and expensive time doing so. Unfortunately, once your sticky graphics are installed, you are pretty much "stuck" with them. 3. NOT CHANGEABLE Imagine being able to execute specific and time sensitive ad campaigns on your fleet, changeable as often as you choose. Unfortunately, adhesive truck graphics offer few options when it comes to change. Sticky truck graphics can rarely be applied over top of one another, leaving you with the same old branding and ad campaigns that will never go away. 4. LABOR INTENSIVE A large portion of the cost of adhesive truck graphics is the installation labor. Most truck wraps take hours of intensive, expert labor to make them look decent. The idea of installing a truck wrap yourself is virtually unheard of and not recommended. This installation process keeps the cost of the product very high. 5. COST The real cost of an adhesive truck wrap can run upwards of ten thousand dollars for a 52 foot trailer. That is very cost prohibitive for many small operators and fleet owners. Considering the extra cost to remove such wraps, and install new graphics, it can be a risky proposition for a business on a budget. Thankfully, recent advancements in truck-side graphics offer the industry some relief. One such product fairly new to the market is the Media Frame System. This system of extruded aluminum frames, allows for the attachment of full color graphics to trucks and trailers without adhesive decals. They are installed using a simple screw gun, practically eliminating the need for professional installation. Once installed, full color graphics are printed on basic vinyl banners without hems, grommets or special finishing. Truck owners can change graphics and messaging as often as needed. The possibilities are now endless, from product branding, to generating extra revenue by turning your trucks into rolling billboards. These innovations have dramatically brought down the cost of truck graphics, while bringing up the quality and versatility. To quote a famous folk singer; "the times they are a changin." Don't make the mistake of getting "stuck" with old truck graphics in the future. Click Here for more information on Truck Graphics

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posted by: Jeffery Fox


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