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Investment Income


How much would you have to spend on an investment property, to create a positive rental cashflow of $700/month.

In California you would need to take out a mortgage of $500,000 or more. Then you will have to unclog toilets, fix leaks and chase tenants for your money. Who needs that headache?

With our instant billboard system, you can create a changeable billboard on any interior wall, exterior wall or truck. Once your advertisement is installed, no toilets, no tenants, just MONTHLY CASH FLOW!

Everything you need.


Undeniable Advertising has create an All In One - INSTANT BILLBOARD KIT,

that contains everything you need to start making advertising income.

Our EZ-Change Graphic Display Kits are easy to intall and easy to change. 



Your Kit contains:


  • EZ-change Display System - customized to the exact size you need.

  • Full Color Vinyl Graphic - printed with your custom ad. 

  • Detailed Istallation Instructional - to assist you with your install.

  • Our Free e-Guide  -  "Creating Income Using Wallscape Billboards".

  • Free Customer Support - to help you start earning income ASAP.




Empty Walls = Billboard Cash 



See how these customers turn empty wall space into Advertising Revenue with our

EZ-Change Instant Billboard Kit

EZ-Change Instant Billboard Sample

Free Sample

Order your Free Sample of our EZ-Change Kit today.

See first hand how great our system works, before you buy.


The best part is, we will send it to you absolutely FREE.

Get Smart


Learn everything you need to know about Wallscape Billboards

by downloading our Free Ebooks

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