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How does it work?
The unique 2-piece design forms a “Self-Tensioning Clamp" which:
A)    Clamps down to hold vinyl securely in place, and
B)    Stretches vinyl media to form a smooth, seamless, wrinkle-free display.

How does the EZ-Change System attach to the wall/substrate behind it? 
As a convenience, we send fasteners (screws) out with each order. While screws and rivets are most common, each type of substrate/wall may require unique anchoring. Tapcons are recommended for concrete walls. Customer must determine the exact fastener to be used, depending on the individual job/surface. 
Note: For certain applications, we also make available an incredible bonding system whereby NO MECHANICAL FASTENERS are necessary. (Call for details.)

How does the vinyl attach to the frame? 
EZ-Change's unique design utilizes ADVANCED, REUSABLE adhesion to hold vinyl tight during the installation process. Once the Cover Plate is installed, the bonding area is no longer relied upon.

When vinyl needs replaced, does adhesive on the frame also need to be replaced?
No. The entire system is designed to be re-used. 
If bonding strips become dirty or exposed to weather, causing loss of adhesion, you can order it by the roll.

What Kind of vinyl does the framing system require? 
Virtually any flexible media or "Banner Vinyl" will work, from 7oz to 20oz+. (Recommend 13 oz. minimum.) Also works with canvas or mesh materials.

Does the vinyl need special fabrication for example bleeding, cables, hems, grommets?
No, absolutely no finishing is required. Just the vinyl with the raw edge, straight off the roll, works perfectly.

What makes the vinyl tight?
(With no moving parts or special tool requirements, how is the vinyl “stretched”?)
One of the unique claims of our patent is "Self-Tensioning". The vinyl is made tight during the installation process. Vinyl is hung in place by hand, and then the 2 frame layers interlock - clamping and stretching, simultaneously - so that when the final anchors are set, the vinyl is tight. 

Can I reuse the Ez-Change System in order to change out the graphics?
Yes, as many times as you like. Our system makes changing graphics easy and affordable. Our bonding system maintains 75% of its adhesion for life. 
Multiple changes are no problem.
Can the vinyl be re-used?
Yes the vinyl can be used often as you like. Some advertising messages may be stored and reused on rotation with other seasonal or time sensitive ads.

Can the Frames be re-used? 
Yes. Frames can be reused. If screws are used to secure top cap, care should be taken when reusing the same holes. Drill/screw gun must be on “gentle” setting so as not to strip the holes. (Screws are steel. Frames are aluminum, and therefor softer.) Some opt for using slightly larger screw diameter after a certain number of change-outs. Rivets work well, but must be drilled out to remove top cap, then replaced with new rivets. No danger of stripping holes this way.

Are there any special tool requirements?
No special tools are needed. There are no moving parts.
 A basic drill or screw gun will do the job.
Do I need to hire “Certified Installation Crews”, or can we do it ourselves?
That’s the beauty of our system. A handyman with a screw gun (and preferably a helper) can handle it easily. Our system is simple.

What sizes do the Kits come in? 
Width is 3".  EZ-Change Kits are custom-cut and the corners are mitered to your specific requirements  or customers may cut them using a chop saw w/blade for cutting aluminum. Sizes are virtually unlimited.

What colors do the frames come in? 
Standard color is a silver-grey anodized finish. Powder-Coating is available in virtually any color. Powder-coating prices vary based on quantity and color.

Are the EZ-Change Kits for indoor and outdoor display? 
Our Kits look and perform extremely well - indoors or out. The anodized finish helps protect against corrosion and weather. (Powder coating preserves frames even better, as the coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a "skin", which is harder and more abrasion-resistant than regular paint.)

Can the EZ-Change Kits be installed on rough, corrugated or curved surfaces? 
Yes. The Kits is extremely versatile. Some surfaces may require special treatment or additional prep materials, but we have helped clients install our Kits on corrugated metal, rough face brick, and even stadiums walls which form a radius (curved!) Call us – we’ll help walk you through the different applications.

If used for Truck advertising, will constant vibration cause the screws to loosen, or vinyl to slide off?
No. The thinking behind our design is “Safety First”. If installed properly, you can rest easy. Other frame systems rely on the strength of heat-welds, hems, and the vinyl fabric itself.  The Frames form a virtual “metal clamp” along the entire edge of the vinyl perimeter.


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