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Car Dealers

Attact More Buyers - Sell More Cars

With Our Wallscape Billboards and Truck Ads.


Turn any wall into a Large Full Color Billboard Ad with our EZ-Change Graphic Display System.



  • More Effective Than Banners

  • Easy To Install 

  • Easy To Change

  • Create A Huge Impact

  Exterior Billboards       Interior Wallscapes        Truck Advertising

"Potential buyers are 10 times more likely to pay attention to Large Graphic images,

than just printed words like Sale, 0% Financing or No Money Down." - Advertising Journal

Thats why traditional Billboards are so effective, because they create an image in a customer's mind

What Customers Are Saying....

"Everybody that has ever scene our Wallscape Billboards say they absolutely think this place looks totally different and very attractive when they drive by. I've gotten numerous complaments about them."


Joey Indrieri - Owner

Executive Image Auto Group

Download our FREE EBOOK:

3 Big Advertising Ideas for Car Dealers


Learn how to attract more potential Buyers and

Sell More Cars with our Free advertising guide.

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